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By April 25, 2014WODs

100 Push-Ups – to be performed in as few sets as possible.
10 x 125m Row Sprints
*The goal is to row all 10 sprints at the same intensity (pace/stroke rate). Rest as needed, but no longer than 2x work (so if it takes you 30s to row 125m, then rest no more than 60s). This would be a 2:1 ratio.

Core Circuit:
3 rounds:
Front Plank – 1 minute
Side Plank – 1 minute each side
GHD Back Extensions – 10 reps.
*Rest as needed between rounds.

One Comment

  • Coach Michael says:

    Hey Guys & Gals! Part of the community aspect of CrossFit is posting results, comments, etc. to the WODs. Have some fun with it – it’s not a competition, it’s just another way to get motivation and encouragement from your fellow athletes!! And yes, you should brag every time you complete a WOD! 🙂

    Push-Ups: 8 sets/8:04 to complete
    Row Sprints: 11:52/:25s slowest sprint