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By May 4, 2014WODs

We’ll be continuing with the breakdown of the Snatch. You should have done the Burgener Warm-Up by now…if not, we’ll be reviewing it, so be here! 🙂

Death Circuit Sunday

One person works while others rest/root on:

1 Sprint around the building
2 Prowler Sled Pushes, down and back
4 Tire Flips
6 Push-Ups, feet up on tire
8 Sledgies (each arm)
6 Push-Ups, hands on the tire
4 Reverse Ball Tosses
2 Tire Drags
1 Sprint around the building

This is one circuit, for time. No rest between exercises – the goal is to complete the circuit as fast as possible. You will have the option to do 2 additional attempts at completing the circuit.

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