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1st Annual WOD-O-WEEN Throw-down

By September 25, 2014September 29th, 2014Blog Entry, Competitions, News & Events

Alrighty folks, step right up – it’s our very first in-house competition!

Announcing the 1st Annual OCCF WOD-O-WEEN…

When: Sunday, October 19
Time: 8am
Cost: $10
Divisions: Rx & Scaled, both men & women
Free T-shirt to all who register

Prizes for first place finishers!

Sign up at the desk.

Check back here for updates and more information.


  • Coach Michael says:

    A huge success and awesome effort put forth by everyone that competed. You all ROCKED IT!!

    A shout out to our winners!!

    Collin White – Rx Men
    Jen Ryder – Rx Women
    Denise Foster – Scaled Overall

    We hope you all enjoyed the competition! More to come so stay tuned and keep working!

    As for the scoring – each WOD had certain point values. The deadlift/push-up WOD – every pound you dead-lifted (reps x weight) and push-up you did was worth 1 point. The Row/Burpee WOD – every second remaining from the time cap was worth 1 point. The Chipper/Sprint WOD – every rep and sprint completed was worth 1 point. So, the winners were determined by who had the most points, not by how many WODs were won. Hope that clears things up!

  • Coach Michael says:

    Competition starts at 8am.

    Athlete meeting at 7:30am. Judges meeting at 7am.

    Please be on time!!

  • Coach Jackie says:


  • Coach Michael says:

    Here are the WODs for the WOD-O-WEEN Throw-down!!
    10 Minute AMRAP:
    6 Deadlifts (men: 135 women: 105) (men: 105 women: 85)
    12 Push-ups (Rx = Hand Release Push-Ups) (Scaled = Modified Push-Ups)

    10 Rounds for time:
    Time Cap: 20 minutes
    Rx = 200m; Scaled = 150m Row
    Burpee over Rower ladder
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 burpees
    (Rx – must jump with both feet over rower; scaled – can step over rower)
    *must reset erg each row interval

    17 Minute Time Cap
    50 Walking lunge Steps (men: 45# women: 25#)(men: 25# women: 10#)
    40 Ball Slams (men: 20 women: 14) (men: 14# women: 10#)
    30 Push-Press (men: 75# women: 45#) (men: 55# women: 25#)
    20 Ab-mat Sit-ups
    10 Burpee Wall Balls (men: 20 women: 14) (men: 14# women: 10#)
    There will be a bonus movement if you have time left!!