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By September 28, 2014Team WOD, WODs


Teams of 3:

Mini WOD 1:
Sled Push-Drag x1 Length
Sled Backward Pull x1 Length
Air Squat Hold
Each partner must perform 3 reps of each push/pull. 1 partner works while the other two partners hold the bottom position of an air squat.
Standing up results in a 2 burpee penalty PER TEAMMATE.

Mini WOD 2:
10x KBS
10x Sledgies (5 each arm)
10x Tire Jump In/out

Mini WOD 3:
Triple Reverse Ball Toss
3 Partners line up in a row
Using a 10# Ball, squat and reverse toss for distance
3 attempts to get max distance covered over 3 partners

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