By October 6, 2014 October 7th, 2014 OLY Lift, WODs

15 Rounds – NOT FOR TIME
Clean Grip Deadlift > HPC > Push-Press
*increase weight every 3rd round, ending with a heavy set of 3


  • Coach Michael says:

    Got to this one a day late, but loved it. Worked up to a final set of 165# – PR on the push-press!!

  • Rana Rachwal says:

    Nice Job athletes!

    Kids classes are rolling. Please contact me or any other coach to get your kiddo moving at OCCF. We have been running, jumping, working on gymnastic and body awareness all while having fun!!!

  • Coach Jackie says:

    loved this one…..got to 95# and naturally i had to try 100#…was able to do 1 full set at 100#…BOOM!