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December Burpee Challenge…


You knew it was coming!! Can I get a “YAY BURPEES!!”

The burpee challenge starts December 1 and runs through December 31.

$5 to enter and it’s WINNER TAKE ALL!! Your goal – accumulate as many burpees as possible by the end of the day December 31.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, do a little or do a lot – EVERYONE should enter this challenge!!

Here are the rules (of course there are rules!!):

  1. $5 to enter. You must be signed up and paid by December 1.
  2. All burpees must be performed at the box.
  3. Burpees can be done before the warm-up or after the WOD, but not during the class. Come early – stay late!
  4. Burpees performed during the warm-up and WODs do not count toward your total.
  5. If it’s a day that you’re not lifting you can do burpees during that portion of the class – just remember there’s a WOD coming!!
  6. There will be a board set up to log your burpees – you must enter in the number of burpees performed on the day they were performed. Coaches will not be updating the board.
  7. If you leave the box without entering your daily total you lose out on that day – so don’t forget to update the board!!

Wondering about the energy expenditure during the Burpee Exercise ( how many kcals per Burpee)?

Body Weight (lbs.) – kcals per Burpee

120 – 0.95
130 – 1.03
140 – 1.11
150 – 1.19
160 – 1.27
170 – 1.35
180 – 1.43
190 – 1.51
200 – 1.59
210 – 1.67

So, if you chow down on 2 slices of Domino’s pizza, that equates to 600 kcals, which means you’ll need to do 419 burpees to burn it off!!

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