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2015 CrossFit Games

By February 23, 2015Blog Entry, News & Events

Road To The CrossFit Games

The 2015 CrossFit Games begin this Thursday, February 26. There’s still time to register – click here and then click on the red “REGISTER HERE” box. Make sure you select our Affiliate when registering.

The first stage of the CrossFit Games – The Open – involves completing 5 WODs. One WOD is released each Thursday for 5 weeks beginning February 26 and must be completed by the following Monday. For the next 5 weeks we will be performing each of the Games WODs on the Saturday of the week the WOD is released. You will have until 5 p.m. Pacific Time that following Monday to submit your score to the CrossFit Games website.

You can attempt each WOD as many times as you like but you may only submit one score for each WOD. It is your responsibility to successfully submit your score on the CrossFit Games website. It’s a good idea to submit early to avoid any trouble with the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted for any reason. If you do not successfully submit your score by 5 p.m. Pacific Time each Monday, you will not be able to advance as an individual in the season.

For those of you registered for the Open, coaches will be available to judge your attempt at the WOD each Saturday. We will have an early Open Gym time (7 a.m.) available for anyone wishing to complete the WOD with a judge. If you are not registered for the Open please do not sign-up for the open gym time slot on Saturday. If you are registered for the Open and cannot make the open gym time, but would like to be judged during the regular WOD class PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE. Also, if you wish to make another attempt at the WOD you MUST let a coach know in advance.

To advance to Regionals, you must complete all five workouts (one each week) and successfully submit scores on time. The top 20 athletes in our region (North East) will earn automatic invitations to Regionals.

Official rules can be found here.