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OCCF Friday Night Lights Throwdown Series

Welcome to the inaugural installment of the OCCF Friday Night Lights Throwdown Series!

First WOD is May 8!

The OCCF Friday Night Lights Throwdown series is a 5 WOD, in-house competition run in a similar fashion as the CrossFit Games Open.

Teams of 2 will compete once every two weeks for points and at the completion of the series the team with the most points will be awarded some pretty cool stuff.

The entry fee is $5. Anyone who wishes to compete in the OCCF Throwdown series should register with a coach by April 30. And by “anyone”, I mean EVERYONE should enter into this competition!!! The focus is on FUN. We want participation because it will make you fitter, and it will get you high-fives and you’ll be happy and love life more and glow and stuff.

Teams of 2 will be randomly “drafted” out of a hat. Coaches wishing to compete will also be part of the blind draw!

Here’s the dealio:

1. The OCCF Friday Night Lights Throwdown series will run every two weeks – Friday’s at 6:30pm.
2. Teams will complete 5 WODs during the OCCF Friday Night Lights Throwdown series.
3. The WOD will be announced the morning before the Friday night competition (that would be Thursday morning).
4. Teams compete each week for “points”; points are assigned as follows:
+1 Point – attendance: every member of a team that completes a Throwdown workout at OCCF each week earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout.
+1 Point – the member of each team with the best score in the WOD each week earns one point for their team.
+5 Points (team) – Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride, and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points.
5. One team will win the overall OCCF Friday Night Lights Throwdown series.

Remember, this starts May 8!! Teams will be drawn May 2 so get your name in NOW!!