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By May 14, 2016Team WOD, WODs

Team WOD:
In Teams of 2:
Row 100 calories
100 Air Squats (10 each partner – partner must hold bottom of squat while other partner performs 10 air squats)
**10 burpee penalty if partner stands up!
Barbell Carry – 3 Laps of the building 135# (for ALL!)
**carry it anyway you want
100 Ab Mat Sit-ups with med ball (50 each, tossing ball to partner) 10# for all!
Barbell Carry – 3 Laps 135# (for ALL!)
**carry it anyway you want
20 Partner-Assisted Pull-Ups – 10 Each
*if you have pull-ups you must do strict CTB pull-ups, assisted if needed