I grew up with a brother that was always bouncing from one sport to another. One week he would be preparing for his ice hockey game, the next he would tell us that he was joining the track and field team as a pole vaulter. My brother literally tried every sport under the sun. Me, on the other hand, I was never one to consider myself to be athletic. I was the creative type. I loved to take pictures and doodle. I was one to focus on creativity over athletics.

This remained true until one faithful day about four years ago, a friend of mine told me she was going to try CrossFit with a Groupon she bought. She was always out going and extraverted and it seemed like a challenge that she could easily take on. She loved her experience so much that she emphatically convinced me to try it as well. I was nervous, I was unsure, but I gave it a shot anyway.

This would be the start of a journey. A start of considering myself not only athletic, but an athlete. I started CrossFit unsure of my ability. I started weary of my stamina. But overtime, I met the best people in the world. The most supportive community anyone could ask for. And I learned a lot about myself. CrossFit isn’t simply about exercise, it’s about discovering what’s possible. Not only what your body is capable of but what your mind can help you accomplish.

I learned very quickly that my passion for CrossFit wasn’t only about the positive changes I saw to my body, but it was deeply rooted in the connections I made with the people I met at the box. I realized that what I loved about the sport was helping people grow and achieve things that they never thought possible. This is what fueled my desire to become a coach. We have the unique opportunity to provide an environment for people to learn about their power and ability all while making some of the strongest bonds in their lives.

I feel fortunate and blessed to be a part of the supportive and remarkable community here at Old Colony. OCCF is focused your success and your future goals and we look forward to supporting you all along the way.