From a very young age I was always active. My older sister was the ballerina, and I was the soccer player. That continued throughout Junior High and into High School where I added ice hockey into the mix. College was a mix of the terrible college gym and intramural co-ed soccer. Fitness was still there, but not in form of sports that I had previously been used to. Post-college called for Gold’s Gym and a date with the treadmill. Circuit training was scary, and anything but a few ab exercises were few and far in between. My fitness journey was stagnant, and I was stuck in a rut.

Enter my new boyfriend and roommate that started at Old Colony back in April of 2014. I laughed at him, having no idea what this “Crossfit” mumbo jumbo was, and got my membership at Planet Fitness. I worked in retail at the time so walking around 5 miles a day seemed sufficient enough exercise for me.

Ben, my then-roommate, now husband, convinced me to drop-in to OCCF in May. I was uncomfortable. I had never touched a barbell before, never jumped on a box, and had only done a handful of assisted pull-ups in my life. I was terrified, but it was the best kind of terrified I had ever felt. I had sipped the Kool-Aid, and was hooked. I joined OCCF a week later.

That was the start of my fitness journey. Low weights, scaled workouts, but with a twist. I had a whole horde of people cheering me on the entire time. I had found my home. Slowly but surely my weights started to increase, and I became more confident in most of the movements.

Fast forward four years and here we are. A brand-new gym, but same great community. There are still movements that I dislike and am not proficient in, but my journey still continues. I still show up and do my best, learning and growing every day, every workout. My love for this sport has only grown in the last four years, but has recently taken a turn. I am no longer so concerned with my own journey, but with the journey of those around me. One thing I love about Crossfit that you really can’t find in any other sport is the camaraderie and family you find there. At Old Colony, the “colony” of people that you work out with day in and day out become your family. They share in your lows and are always there to celebrate your highs (aka your PRs).

THIS is why I decided to become a coach. As coaches, we are here to help get you to your highs, and will most definitely be there during your lows. We may not have the answers for everything, but we will most definitely find you the answers and will be there to push you harder than you would ever push yourself. I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without the coaches I have had over the years and I can only hope to do the same for you!

Come drop in for a class and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed! We can’t WAIT to meet you.