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A Higher Standard

By January 31, 2014Blog Entry

We were born to squat!

They say if something is worth doing, do it well. No truer words have ever been spoken.

As far as I’m concerned, you either do something all the way, or don’t even bother doing it. More often than not when you do something half-assed you end up having to do it again, although this time you take your time and do it correctly.

So why not just do it the right way the first time?


Too often this life-lesson finds its way into the gym. We see it all the time: ¼ squats, ½ reps, not reaching full extension, doing “just enough” to get it done. Sure, you may get more “work” done in less time, but we strive for quality first, quantity second. And in the long run, doing shitty work is only going to make you good at doing shitty work.

Not to mention poor technique is a leading cause of injury. Take a little more time and do it the right way and you’ve just eliminated that risk.

Your coaches are here to help you succeed, and we do our best to correct your form during the classes, but if you need additional help with your technique go ahead and ask them. We also have open gym time, so maybe instead of crushing that day’s WOD, you spend your energy working on movements that need more attention.

Hold yourself accountable. Hold yourself to a higher standard.