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By May 23, 2014WODs

1000m Row > 25 Push-Ups
900M Row > 20 Push-Ups
800m Row > 15 Push-Ups
700m Row > 10 Push-Ups
600m Row > 5 Push- Ups
500m Row > 5 Push-Ups
400m Row > 10 Push-Ups
300m Row > 15 Push-Ups
200m Row > 20 Push-Ups
100m Row > 25 Push- Ups


  • Coach Jackie says:

    VERY tough WOD…i think my time was 40:42…trying to let my arms guide me in a little faster on the row…which is new & i need to work on a totally new arm position for my push ups (damn Army, they just yell, they don’t teach!)….overall a BRILLIANT morning, tough….but BRILLIANT…

  • Coach Michael says:

    I love each and every one of you!!

    Just got done with this: 33:13. BOOM!!!

  • cal says:

    Do you really care about us? Lols intense!