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By May 5, 2014WODs

Overhead Press – Strict
Ladder format: 10 reps to 1 rep. Rest 1 minute between rep sets 10-9-8-7 – these will be “warm-up” sets; rest 2 minutes between rep sets 6-5-4 – should be using moderate weight here; rest 3 minutes between rep sets 3-2-1 – time to load up the bar! The focus here is to warm up in the first 4 sets, increase the weight in the next 3 sets, then go for max weight in the last 3 sets.

5 Rounds for time:
Farmer’s Walk – 3 up and back laps on Turf (if nice we’ll go outside!)
25 Med Ball Slams
20 DB Rows

****Make sure you use KB’s for the Farmer’s Walk and make sure they are HEAVY!!****

One Comment

  • Coach Michael says:

    135# overhead press.

    WOD: 15:36 53#’s/20#/35#’s…harder than it looked!!