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By May 6, 2014WODs

15 Minutes: MOBILITY!!!
Perform the following:
On the foam roller: perform 3-position thoracic extensions 5 times through.
Work with a red band and accumulate: 50 Pass-Throughs, 50 Overhead Squats (focus on keeping hands in line with center of mass), 50 scapula retractions (band pull aparts).
Hang out in Crab Stretch and perform 6 single-arm reaches, rotating around spine. Stand, and perform 8 spiderman lunges without a reach but try to get forearms to touch floor. Repeat these two movements two more times.

10 Man Maker’s (25/15)
Row 20 Calories
Over Head Walking Lunge – 2 laps-turf
40 Abmat Situps
Over Head Walking Lunge – 2 laps – turf
Row 20 Calories
10 Man Makers (25/15)

One Comment

  • ktcprescott says:

    Crushed it. 17:11 I think now you have to rename them woman makers 😉