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By June 13, 2014WODs

Row 5 miles. That’s 8,050 meters.



  • bkampper says:

    Find a pace you’re comfortable with and it is actually a pretty nice WOD. If you focus on keeping strokes/minute and your 500m pace consistent, the time flies by and you aren’t thinking about how long you’ve been rowing for. The first time I looked at the clock; I was already rowing for 18 minutes.

    37:25 with a 2:20 500m pace.

    No Hate here Mike

  • Coach Michael says:

    Yes, this is long, and boring. Exactly what it is supposed to be. We can’t always work in the”anaerobic kingdom”. We need aerobic work, LSD (long, slow distance) work. Remember, this workout is NOT FOR TIME. It is geared toward getting to you listen to your body.

    Here are a couple of bullet points for this WOD:
    1. You should be able to carry on a 1-2 sentence conversation during this ENTIRE workout.
    2. You should be working at about 60% of your max heart rate. What does that feel like? See #1.
    3. Try to get a sense of your body switching energy systems as you progress through this workout – from anaerobic (the initial few 100 meters) to aerobic.
    4. Try to maintain a consistent pace and stroke rate for the entire workout – you should know what that means by now.
    5. RESIST THE URGE to speed up as you get closer to the finish. STAY CONSISTENT!!
    6. When you reach the finish, switch your display until you get to the screen that shows the average 500m pace. Record that time, along with your total time.

    I just finished this WOD. I actually feel “refreshed”, and felt good during the entire row. Yes, it was mentally tough. And yes, it was hard not to speed up toward the end. 38:21 with an average 500m pace of 2:23.

    Happy Friday!!

  • cal says: