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By October 28, 2014WODs

5 Rounds, each for time
20 Calories – rower
20 Wall balls 20/14#
Rest 3 minutes between rounds

MAX effort each round – go for it!


  • bkampper says:

    I also deadlifted before this workout which is an extremely taxing move at 50 reps in 20 minutes.

    This was my kind of WOD; go hard for 2 minutes, rest for 3.

    9:23 total work time. Rowing + Wall Balls= Great workout for tall people.

    I earned my Wednesday rest day

  • Coach Jackie says:

    VERY tough WOD for me…145# deadlift 50 reps/20 minutes prior…then finished, work time, around 13:25 (can’t remember exactly….) 14# ball…

  • Coach Michael says:

    brutal….10:26 total work time (22:26 total WOD time). 50 reps deadlift @ 275 prior to WOD crushed the posterior chain!! WOOHOO!