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Have you been looking for a way to journal OCCF WODs on your phone?

If you use the “MyWOD” app you can access the OCCF WOD feed by adding the following link into the “Common” tab of the MyWOD app:

To add the link, go to the “Common” tab. At the top will be a listing for “Feeds”. If the listing is not there, click on the plus sign and add a feed – enter in the web address above in to the “Feed URL”.

If a feed is already there swipe it to the left to delete it then follow the directions above to add a new feed.


  • ktcprescott says:

    Done! Now if I could only get back to the box!!

  • Rana Rachwal says:

    LOVE THIS APP. and how amazeballs that we have an RSS feed too.. this makes WOD life so easy.

  • gloa says:

    I use myWOD too, I got burned by another WOD tracker when all my data was erased. Which is why I love myWOD because I can back it up to my dropbox account.

  • Coach Jackie says:

    BEST app ever…been using for over a year, my favorite feature is where i can track my lifts and movements…very cool to see your progress…if you need help getting started just ask one of us…