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Policy Reminders

Class Registration:

Please remember to sign-up for classes, especially if you plan on coming to Open Gym. You can sign-up for classes via the schedule tab on our Facebook page, the schedule page on our website, or by using the Zenplanner app. If you need any assistance with the sign-up process please let us know!

Winter Weather:

Now that winter is upon us (BOOOOOOO!) there may be a time where classes will be canceled. If we need to cancel class(es) due to weather we will inform you via our Facebook page and with a website post.

Late to Class Policy:

OCCF’s primary concern is your safety and the safety of those around you. If you miss the group-led class warm-up, you MUST wait until the next class to do the workout, even if it means the next day.

This policy covers all our classes, including the CF Kids program and On-Ramp.

You are more than welcome to arrive early and utilize open areas for additional warm-up and mobility work as long as it does not interfere with the current class.

Outside Shoes:

Please do not wear your outside shoes into the main area of the gym. You can leave your WOD shoes at the box under the bench, or grab a locker. Wet/dirty shoes + WOD = danger!