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By November 19, 2014Blog Entry

Looking for a good, low-carb snack that you doesn’t really go bad, and that you can take anywhere?

J-E-R-K-Y is the answer!!

Problem is, that stuff is EXPENSIVE (damn straight!!). So, if you’ve tried jerky, have you ever thought about making your own?

It’s SOOOO easy and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try doing it before I told you how easy it is. 🙂

As far as recipes go, there’s a TON out there – use the GOOGLE. Now listen, you don’t need a As-Seen-On-TV SUPER DEHYDRATOR 5000 to make jerky. Got an oven? Then you can make jerky.

Here’s how you do it:

Get some meat – duh.
1. Slice it thin – not see-through thin, but thin – maybe 1/4″.
2. Marinate it overnight in one of the recipes you got off the GOOGLE.
3. Pre-heat your oven somewhere between 150-200 (depending on how low your oven will go).
4. Grab a cookie sheet (or two or three or four), line it with tin foil and place a cooling rack on the cookie sheet.
5. Lay your meat on the cooling rack and stick it in the oven. Crumple up a piece of tin foil and stick it in the door so that it stays open about 1-2 inches (make sure you shut off the heat in your house – no need to heat it while the oven’s on!!).
6. Wait about 5-8 hours depending on your oven temp and how thick you sliced your meat.
7. Eat the jerky

Store it in ziploc bags in a dark place…or in the fridge…or if you’re like me just eat it all at once.

I made jerky for the first time the other day and it came out great. I used turkey breast cutlets, about two pounds, and the following recipe.

Len’s Western Canadian Styled Beef Jerky

2 lbs top round roast (inside or outside)
4 tspns salt
1 tspn chili powder
1 tspn garlic powder
1 tspn onion powder
¼ tspn cayenne powder or crushed red pepper flakes
2 dashes liquid smoke
½ cup water
1/8 cup Soya sauce
2 tspn Worcestershire Sauce

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