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By January 12, 2015WODs

EMOM: +1 until you cannot complete equal reps R/L:
DB Complex – Single Arm
OHD Lunge
ODD: Right Arm
Even Left Arm
**Use a light weight to allow you to get further into the EMOM – this is about stability & unilateral training, NOT WEIGHT!
Suggested: 30/20, but check your log book for past DB WODs.


  • Rana Rachwal says:

    Great kids classes today. They worked unilateral movement also. We celebrated a 5th birthday with 5 jumping jacks. Happy Birthday to D and Scott too. We will let you do 5 jumping jacks too if you want.

    For my CFkids and/or parents: kids wanted to know so… Here is the answer to

    What does PVC stand for?

    Polyvinyl chloride Answer PVC = polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic resin preparedd by the polymerization of vinyl chloride Polyvinyl chloride

  • Coach Jackie says:

    oh yes i did!
    15# DB in my left hand
    1# DB in my right hand
    6 1/2 rounds

    • Rana Rachwal says:

      Way to go, J.. dumbbells in my cabinet have super powers. just ask any of our CFKids athletes.