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News, Updates, Reminders

Howdy everyone! Please take a minute to read through the following, especially if you’re new to the OCCF family!

1. Do you know about our referral program?

What’s that you say, FREE membership?!!? Here’s how it works – refer 3 people that join OCCF and you’ll get 1/2 off one month’s membership. Refer 10 people that join OCCF (and remain active members for at least 6 months) and you’ll get a FREE membership. Yes, FREE. There are no time limits on the referrals – they accrue while you are an active member of OCCF. That’s pretty bitchin’…

2. Class Sign-ups.

This is a huge one. Classes are getting bigger, so we REALLY need you all to start signing up for class. Signing up for class does a couple of things – it reserves a spot for you in that class (remember, we limit classes to 15 people); it also allows us to plan ahead for that day’s WOD based on the number of people that have signed up. For instance, if we’ll be using the Airdyne as part of the WOD and we have 8 people signed up, well, we only have 6 bikes…so we need to plan ahead. It makes things go smoother for you guys, and for us. It’s pretty easy to sign up – Facebook, our website, the mobile app….you should all have a username and password, if not let us know. So pretty please…sign up for class! 🙂

3. We recycle!

That big, blue container, yah, that’s the recycle bin. Go ahead and put your plastic bottles in there…Mother Nature thanks you (and so do we). Just remember, please don’t throw away food or empty food containers in any of our trash bins (we’re not fond of insects).

4. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

You all do a FANTASTIC job of putting your stuff away, seriously, it’s impressive really. If you could do us a favor and wipe down the stuff you sweat on that’d be great. We have spray bottles and towels located around the box.

5. We’re on a quest (pun intended) for new protein bars.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible bar, so it might take a little while to find it, but they’re coming. 🙂

As always, if you have ANY questions, concerns or comments please let us know – email, Facebook, text or whatever…we are here for you!

See you in class…
Michael, Jackie & Donnie