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What is your mindset?

By September 1, 2015Blog Entry, WODs

What is your mindset?

We at OCCF believe in the CrossFit program. We believe in virtuosity of movement. We believe in training the body for anything that can be thrown at it…and we believe in training with a mindset that will get us the results we want – not just in the gym, but life in general. Part of that mindset is integrity and honesty.

Many of you are blowing away your old benchmarks and limitations. There’s more weight on the bar, faster row/run times, new PRs, you’re “getting” movements, and there’s a lot more “Rx’s” on the board. We applaud each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication; your progress in the box has been fun to watch.

However, despite our progress, we strongly believe that we must hold ourselves to the highest standards of movement and accountability.

We get it – CrossFit is competitive and setting the top time for a WOD can bring about a huge sense of accomplishment. But at what cost? If you’re not going through full range of motion, or cheating the reps, then you haven’t bought into the mindset we’re trying to establish. Poor technique and sloppy reps go against the standards we work so hard uphold. There’s absolutely no value to going faster or posting more rounds by doing partial reps, or worse yet, not doing the reps at all.

Fact is you’re just hurting yourself – setting yourself up for stalled gains and potential injury. And it’s not just the potential for physical damage. People notice…they see your times…they will start to watch…they’ll watch your technique…they’ll watch your speed…but more importantly they’ll watch your reps. They will START TO COUNT. At that point you’ve damaged your reputation.

It’s up to you to hold yourself to a higher standard, to hold yourself accountable. Progress comes with persistence and consistency. Stay focused and continue to work hard and have fun.