My passion for sports started from a very young age. I played soccer for 10 years, was a competitive swimmer in high school, and a collegiate rower. There is something about getting up and being active that straight up makes me feel GOOD.

After college I fell into the same rut as many other graduates do, of working a 9-5 job that involved sitting at a desk the majority of the day. One of my former coworkers then told me about this “crazy, awesome, fun, unlike anything I’ve ever done before” fitness regimen they had started called CrossFit.

I had gone from leading a very active lifestyle to being sedentary for almost two years, with a few workouts occasionally taking place here and there. I needed to change my habits ASAP. I went with my friend to try it and what can I say, I was instantly hooked. YES. Loved it. Wanted more. THIS is what I had been looking for – I only wish that I had found CrossFit sooner!

Fast forward some time, and I have been consistently active 5-6 days a week for for 2 years at Old Colony CrossFit. Here, the community and atmosphere are unlike anything else you can find at a typical gym. I decided I wanted to take my passion for CrossFit and use it to mentor athletes, whether they have several years of experience or are just starting out.

One of the unique things about CrossFit is that anyone can do it! Whether you’re young, old, new, or a seasoned athlete we can provide you with many scaling options for your WOD (Workout of the Day).

Come in to say hi and try a class! It could be one of the best decisions you’ll make !