Fran, Helen, Jackie, Grace? Filthy Fifty, Fight Gone Bad, Tabata?? Nope, we’re not reminiscing about past hurricanes or old movies! To the uninitiated the daily workouts we post can be confusing, maybe even intimidating. That’s why we have the On-Ramp Program.

When you join Old Colony CrossFit, we’re not going to let you just jump right in. Nope – you gotta learn to walk before you can run! The On-Ramp Program is designed as an introduction to CrossFit – the workouts, terminology, movements and most importantly, technique. We require you to take the On-Ramp Program as your first step in becoming a member at OCCF. Why? Two reasons: safety is our top priority – we want to make sure you’re comfortable with all the key movements you’ll be seeing in our daily WODs. Also, the instruction and critique received from your coaches coupled with the camaraderie developed between you and your fellow CrossFitters will help you learn the ropes (pun intended!).

Over the course of the program we’ll break down the core movements, discuss proper technique, and show progressions so that you’ll be confident in knowing how to do the movements correctly with proper technique and intensity. Each class will become progressively more technical and challenging, so it’s important that you attend each class. We’ll also teach you how to scale – no, we’re not talking about that thing on your bathroom floor either! Scaling is how we modify the workouts (weight, intensity, etc.) so that they match YOUR fitness level.

The On-Ramp Program consists of 4 classes. A new On-Ramp session starts every Monday, at 6:30pm, and runs through Thursday. Each class is at 6:30pm. Fridays at 6:30pm is a make-up class, just in case you miss a class.  We require that you complete the On-Ramp program prior to taking any of the regularly scheduled classes. If you happen to miss a class, you will have to wait until the following week’s class to complete the program. Ideally, you’ll finish up within the week. If you’re having trouble with the days/times, speak with a coach and we’ll work with you to get it done!

Upon completion of the On-Ramp Program you will be ready physically AND mentally to attend any of the scheduled classes.

The On-Ramp program fee is $89.00, but get this, once you’re done we’ll credit that $89 toward your first month’s membership.

We’re excited that you’ve chosen to be part of the greatest movement in fitness and look forward to being a part of your progress!